Your Pinup Session

Relax, we've got this!

Often first time pinup clients are a bit nervous. We promise, those butterflies will go away very quickly when your session gets started. We're professionals - and we'll make sure you're comfortable, you look great and you have fun. We don't sell alcohol, but we usually have some wine on hand and you're welcome to a glass or two if that will help you relax.

We'll start you in wardrobe. We'll have a nice selection of options for you to review and try on and we'll work with you to pick the perfect items. Some clients go full 'pinup,' others mix in some boudoir or glamour looks. If you'd like your session to include nudes or implied nudes, we'll discuss that with you during wardrobe as well.

Next we'll send you to the salon area and we'll get your makeup and hair just right. We'll match your hairstyle to your wardrobe selection to give you an overall authentic look.

Then it's time to shoot! We'll coach you through your session helping you with posing, wardrobe adjustments and all the little details - so you can just relax and have fun.